Moosor Compound Fibre Tablet Candy
Moosor Compound Fibre Tablet Candy
Moosor Compound Fibre Tablet Candy
Moosor Compound Fibre Tablet Candy
Moosor Compound Fibre Tablet Candy
Moosor Compound Fibre Tablet Candy
Moosor Compound Fibre Tablet Candy
Moosor Compound Fibre Tablet Candy
Moosor Compound Fibre Tablet Candy
Moosor Compound Fibre Tablet Candy
Moosor Compound Fibre Tablet Candy
Moosor Compound Fibre Tablet Candy
Moosor Compound Fibre Tablet Candy

Moosor Compound Fibre Tablet Candy

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Moosor Compound Fibre Tablet Candy

It’s a supplement to


Moosor is 100% pure natural vegetable and fruit ingredients and does not contain any pharmaceutical ingredients. The product will not cause any side effects to the body.

Natural ingredients no addictives means it’s safe comparing to banned ingredients

 Direction intake:

Chew after meals immediately or within 20min 

  • normal : take 2 after heavier meal
  • intensive : take 2 after lunch and dinner

1 box = 18 tablets $40

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The two patented core ingredients of Moosoor are Japanese patented Flammulina velutipes extract and US patented white kidney bean extract.

1) Flammulina velutipes extract efficiently locks the oil, like a super elastic network, the oil cannot be broken down and absorbed by the human body. Finally, it passes through the large intestine and is smoothly discharged from the body. You will not get fat when you eat!  Moosor is the perfect choice to help fats not be absorbed and to better promote stool excretion.
2) White kidney bean extract inhibits the action of amylase and prevents amylase from decomposing starch. Excessive starch food cannot be digested and absorbed. Finally, it is also smoothly discharged through the large intestine. You will not get fat if you eat! For the people who loves to eat rice, noodles, pasta, and pastries etc, Moosor is best for erythritol (O calories).

    Insured by PICC, the largest insurance company in China, founded in 1949, whose main shareholder is China government.

    Ingredients: erythritol, resistant dextrin (water-soluble dietary fiber Fibersol-2), algin, white kidney bean powder, compound fruit and vegetable powder (apple, orange, grape, banana, pineapple, strawberry, spinach, sweet potato leaves),  Food additives (magnesium stearate)


    Not recommended for people

    1) Not recommended during acute diarrhea

    2) Pregnant women/children under 12 years old/infants are not recommended for consumption

    3) It is not recommended to reduce fat during the acute stage of the disease, and eat with caution

    4) Patients with special diseases need to consult professionals before eating


    Common QnA

    What is The principle of weight loss of Moosor Compound Fibre candy?

    Oil and starch are the two major culprits of obesity. The function of compressed fruit and vegetable candies is to block the absorption of 90% of fat and 40% of starch in the daily diet. It first blocks the absorption of excess starch and fat synthesis in each meal, and accelerate the body metabolism rate. The metabolic consumption of starch and fat can adjust and improve the intestinal tract, so as to achieve the effect of easy defecation, oil discharge and weight loss.


    Is Moosor Compound Fibre Candy safe for losing weight?

    Our tableted candy products have been supported by hundreds of people’s 30-day testing datas, and finally they have been developed by selecting high-quality global raw materials, which can help improve obesity from the root cause and develop a revolutionary original product that helps to lose weight easily.  The company promises that there are no banned or illegal ingredients in the product, and the People's Insurance of China underwrites the safety and science to get the greatest guarantee


    After eating compressed candy to lose weight, will it rebound in the later stage?

    Answer: Our products reduce fat but not water. They are rich in dietary fiber, vitamins and high-quality protein, which can improve the intestinal flora, promote metabolism, and help you improve your obesity from the root cause and build a lean body, so there is no need to worry about rebounding  .


    Are there any side effects?

    After a long period of internal human testing, we have not found any side effects for the time being, but it is recommended to reduce the frequency of eating compressed candies after losing weight or developing a body that is easy to lose weight.


    Can compressed fruit and vegetable candies replace daily intake of fresh fruits and vegetables?

    The function of any compressed candy cannot completely replace the intake of various nutrients. It is recommended that you also need to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily life to ensure natural food intake and tablet candy to be taken together.

    Is this a medicine?  Will it have diarrhoea?

    Answer: this is not a medication pill. It can be sold over the counter without prescription. We belong to the general food category and are compressed tablets made of natural fruit and vegetable powder.  It is through the control of sugar, wrapping oil and excreted from the body, without causing any burden to the body.

    is chemical catalyst added?

    Answer: Moosor adopts the patents of internationally from Japan and the United States, and promise that there are no chemical additives. The raw materials are pure fruits and vegetables, pure plant extraction, to ensure that they are safe and harmless.

    What oil is being discharged?

    Answer: What is discharged is the fat you take in your daily meals, such as peanut oil for cooking, red oil for hot pot, oil for hot fried foods, etc. As long as the fat is ingested, the compressed candy will pass through the intestines.  Both can wrap up the fat you ingest and excrete it.


    How much weight can be lost by eating compressed candy in one cycle of treatment?

    Answer: The specific situation will definitely vary slightly depending on your personal physique. Under normal circumstances, we can lose about 1-1.5kg a week, and within a 40-day course of treatment, we can generally lose about 5kg.


    Besides draining oil and losing weight, are there other effects?

    Answer: In addition to detoxification, it also has the effects of intestinal detoxification, constipation improvement, and immunity enhancement.


    When can I not eat it?

    Answer: During these four special periods, during pregnancy, pregnancy, confinement, and lactation, it is not recommended to consume. In addition, if you have symptoms such as diarrhoea, it is recommended to wait until your body recovers.


    Can women eat it during menstrual period?

    Answer: Yes, the compressed candy is pure plant green extract, without any side effects, and will not have any adverse effects on women's menstrual period. You can eat it with confidence.


    Can people with three highs eat compressed candies?

    Answer: Of course you can eat. People with a relatively large weight base generally have one of the three highs (hypertension/high blood lipids/high blood sugar). If the three highs are very high, they need long-term medication and insulin control.  It is recommended that after consulting a doctor, you can consider whether to consume oil-draining tablets. If it is only slightly high, you can eat compressed candies. It is recommended to supplement with exercise to maintain health.